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Giving something back  ______

We care.

We’re passionate about supporting charity and using our presence in the industry to give something back.


The veterinary community is fantastic and compassionate, and we appreciate all the help we’ve received in raising funds and awareness to causes that mean a lot to so many people over the years.


To find out more about our fundraising efforts, or to suggest a campaign or charity for support, please get in touch with the team.

Vetlife Cheque
Vet your breasts
Run before

Giving something back  ______


Vet holding dog
Vet examining horse

Vetlife is a superb charity that we are proud to support. The veterinary industry unfortunately suffers from high rates of suicide. Vetlife provides independent, confidential and free help for everyone in the veterinary community. We’ve fundraised over £4,000 for them so far, and we only intend for that number to grow. If you require support, Vetlife are there for you. Visit their website, or call 0303 040 2551.

I love vetlife

Giving something back ______

Breast Cancer

We also make a big push for Breast Cancer Awareness month every October, changing the JHP Recruitment logo to pink and encouraging the team to raise money in a variety of ways. Vet Your Breasts is another superb, industry-specific effort which we are proud to raise money for.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Millie Sponsorship

Giving something back  ______

Backing sport in our community.

As well as this, we sponsor a number of local sportspeople and community teams, including two junior soccer teams, two men’s soccer teams, a men's water polo team, a netball team, a jockey, a boxer and cross country riding team.

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