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Introducing Dr Lennon Foo

Meet Dr Lennon Foo BVetMed GPCert(SAM) MRCVS who we will be sharing content from in future. We will still be sharing content from Dr Katie Ford too!

Dr Lennon is a veterinary surgeon, business owner, speaker, and author. He believes in Embracing Humanity through Veterinary Medicine and is poised to empower 10 million pet guardians and one million veterinary surgeons, nurses, technicians, and support teams worldwide.

His goals are to reduce depression and attrition rates, eliminate suicide, and increase the goodwill and profitability in the veterinary profession. He is also committed to Empower Pet Guardianship Through Education as a tribute for all Pet Guardians. Lastly, he aspires to create an environmentally sustainable veterinary profession.

Dr Lennon founded Amity Veterinary Care, UK’s unique members-only veterinary practice that does not only provides expert veterinary care to pets but also delivers a five-star service to their guardians.

Working in various countries including Thailand, Spain, Egypt and Greece on multiple occasions for charity projects either training local vets or providing veterinary care and guiding policy, Dr Lennon has worked with more than 10,000 pet guardians, performed over 60,000 consultations and had more than 90,000 pet guardian interactions. He is also a well-established speaker and runs a YouTube channel (Dr Lennon Foo at Amity), providing tips for you to understand more about your pets and the veterinary profession.

Salsa dancing, roller skating and capoeira make up his non veterinary pursuits.

Dr Lennon lives in Devon, UK with his family.



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